Friday, 22 January 2010

Art > Science


My hot pink Camera caused abit of a stir when it arrived at the flat, resulting in my flatmate Geology student Tom challenging me to a photography duel! I am going to win because firstly Tom is equipped with a Voigtländer Bessa Mk. I. which was manufactured in 1931 - 49 and has almost definitely gone kaput.
And secondly Tom is a philistine who doesn't even believe in aliens or the possibility of dreams. We are acting quite frivolous at the moment however this is a serious battle between Art and Science.
The competition is to be judged by Claire our resident photography student.. Let the games begin

I'll update you with my winning set photographs

I think I was born in the wrong era, I should have been a 50's pin up girl

I've been on abit of an emotional rollercoaster these last couple of weeks and i've been taking it out on my sketchbook.. Sorry Moleskine. We're going house hunting this weekend EEK!

I am starting a collaborative project with my best friend Soph who studies Illustration and Animation at Manchester MET. We both get overly excited about posting things and so we have decided to take it in turns to send each other a quote which the other one will illustrate and send back, we hope to fill a sketchbook with them eventually.

I popped the first quote in the post-box today so that should be on its way up North to be turned into a delicious drawing.


The second term has been pretty intense so far. We don't have much time left now to produce our Illustrated dummy books, I've been working solidly on it this week and i'm finally happy with my idea! i'll post some sketches as soon as I have the scans.
I have a couple of New Years resolutions to;
Continuez apprendre la Francais pour le voyage de Paris l'annee prochaine et devenez plus proches à mon rêve de toute une vie pour continuer à travailler dans de Place de Tetre
( Continue to learn French for my trip to Paris next year and get one step closer to my lifelong dream of working on the Place de Tetre )
Bed before midnight on college daze
Space Travel - a recurring resolution but I am ever optimistic this year.
Keep trying my bestsest with my Art, ( commissions and my course )
Try to get some work in shops or galleries.
I would also like to loose a bit of weight but if I manage to go into Space this year i'll be killing two birds with one stone... FANTASTIC.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Man United Commision

Its coming along slowly but surely, just Rooney and the background to paint now.