Monday, 15 June 2009

There's nothing like camping in the great indoors

So my parents had gone away and I had plans to cook us up a 3 course meal good enough for Ramsey, and to treat my man like a king for the night. However my 9 hour shift as 'Peter the Greeter' at work put me in the most sluggish mood imaginable, so we opted for takeaway and cider and ate under the clouds! I love the great outdoors and so after an evening of cheeky drawing lessons we set up camp in my living room. But in our minds ( which is the more of a reality than the physical world anyway ) we we're surrounded by nature (flowery carpet) and bears (teddys on the sofa) in Annecy France, we had a beautiful view over the Lake (drink spillage) and a mountain (stairs) behind us. We awoke the following morning to find definate proof that ducks can teleport. Putting that aside we boiled a chicken/egg and sat basking in the sunshine, it wasn't long before we noticed somebody had joined us! one of Cornwalls rarest flowers, the Springhead Sandwert there she was petals stretchd out in my back garden! Proving it is fate that i'm moving down to Cornwall next September. After this exciting revelation we decided to realize a dream i've been harbouring for years.. to climb the biggest Sick-in-the-edd-amoore Tree in my garden, and thats where we spent most of the afternoon, the view over the fields of gold was spectacular However it wasn't all smiles and sunshine, this was infact a very sad and poignant day. It was the the day that the beloved Hulk (Fiat Punto of dreams) was to be put down and so we thought it only right we take him for a penultimate roadtrip. final destination.. Krispy Kremes!!!!!

Found Art

I have just discovered 'Found Art'. Where artists create a W.O.A and leave it in a concealed corner of the street in an avante-garde area for one lucky magpie to eventually find and take away with them,

What an inspirational idea!

An attempt to inspire and encourage an artistic community! the act of giving, spontaneity, and sharing creativity!

I find that in an obsessive quest to to maintain their origionality a lot of artists are extremley cagey, they keep their work a secret. I say share your thoughts and ideas, spread your message! thats when the best Art comes about!

I'm deffinitely going to create some found art! Keep you eyes pealed people of Manchester!

Final Major Project

Here's a few images from my final major project from my Foundation course- which has been superrb!

I based my project on Existence. I wanted to illustrate the importance of existence by holding my own funeral. i chose this idea on the basis that i thought that the initial shock factor would provide a valuable platform for thought. and because i have often found the tradition of celebrating the lives of the dead strange, when i feel too often people loose touch with their existence in life! it also provided me with the oppotunity to delve into the fascinating topic of Religion!

I've created an installation of various pieces, here ive added just a few pages of my altered bible, the illustrations and collages represent the morals/stories/quotes/values I live by. They mainly focus on condeming aspects of Religion, Politics and other institutions within society, and promoting a more free think creative and self fulfilling existence.

sorry the scans are bad quality!

People watching series

Sitting in a public place creating exaggerated personas for passers by is a great way to pass your time.

a flawed superhero with his are in a sling, and a 3ft beard, imagine the tales White Lightning man could speak of, if he was ever coherant enough to tell them that sly smirk spells out closet cross-dresser to me

this misplaced Cavegirl obviously found a time portalthis dashing fellow is an internet dating superstud

The Manchester fashion trail

I spent the day following some old map around Manchester. Every destination on the map was somewhere signigicant in the city's Fashion history. Heres just a few of my observational drawings of the people/cultures/fashion i noticed throughout the day, it was a lot of fun!

What if..

...another life form were trying to communicate with us, but the human mind couldn't comprehend what they were saying...
4th dimensions? Miracles? Unexplainable happenings? Ghosts? is there an element the human eye cannot percieve?

it seems ridiculous to me when i consider how inconceievably massive space is, and how many millions of Solar Systems exhist in it to think that there is only ONE planet that developed life and intelligence. there MUST be something else out there?

its the most mind-boggling thought provoking idea thats ever popped into my cranium anyway


Not a huge fan of the majority of graffiti artist however i can't deny 'Muto' a pat on the back for these what must be painstakingly time-consuming, witty, pioneering wall animations

I love you

Its strange to love you so much and still, knowing forever isn't where it will end. But we'll be alright, just wait and see, Great things will happen, because you and me and life, it feels so long, and bad choices, they arent always wrong, and when you tell me you you love me, thats all i need.

I'm tired of the heartache, and i'm through with fear, i believe in you sweet and i trust in your soul, So i'll always love you, and will not worry, cause nothing is easy, but staying true to your heart. And the path keeps winding round, and our time together is worth falling downm and when you tell me you love me, Thats all i need.
Miss Lana Rebel

20th May, Oldham Edge.

Life Drawing


has to be one of the best films i've seen. Set in the drug laden art scene of New York in the 1980's. This film depicts the life of struggling but ambitious fame hungry graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquait. Warhole played by David Bowie! recognises his talent and is part responsible for his rise to fame, where Basquait then finds himself being exploited by the calous art world!
a real compelling blend of Sex Drugs and Modern Art! it also has a fantassstic soundtrack!

Journalist; Do you consider yourself a painter, or a black painter?
Basquiat; Oh no i paint with lots of colours not just black

no one wants to be part of a generation that ignores another Van Gogh

The boy with the Moon in his eyes

I lay with him by the ocean
talking and making love
With the familiar earth beneath us
and the universe above

Sat by the shore under a purple haze
His secret began to unfold
As the ocean crept towards us
Revealing something more precious than gold

I’ve always known there was something
something about his eyes
It took a trip to the seafront
But I’ve finally realised.

I’m onto you, I’ve sussed you out
you master of disguise
Sat there I was hand-in-hand with
the one that controls the tides
Who’d o’ thought it, sat beside me
The boy with the Moon in his eyes

These forces are strong, outta my control
Your holding me like gravity
You came from a spark
You light up my dark

I Always wanted an acre of moon,
I now know I have the whole thing
A total eclipse of the heart maybe?
Lets see what the tide will bring
Lets see what the tide will bring

I’m onto you, I’ve sussed you out
you master of disguise
Sat there I was hand-in-hand with
the one that controls the tides
Who’d o’ thought it, sat beside me
The boy with the Moon in his eyes

Illustrate your life

I like to capture mundaine but priceless memories in a sketch, hoard everything, and collage collage collage.

The familiar 24 bus route, made entertaining by the boy sat behind me, talking to his imaginary friend, ''GET OFF YOU PEST''

Another bus journey, note to self never ever catch a 58 bus again ever! Iam abit of a birdwatcher, love stamps and childlike doodles!

staining pages, fine-liners and creative fonts!
instead of articulating what I write I sometimes like to let my thoughts run straight out of the end of my pencil crayon. enlarging patterns and sewing!
This headache generating machine sits outside the Pompidou Centre, Paris day in day out playing Beethovens Symphonies, her only dilema.. her violin has only 2 strings!
We had fun on the way to Paris, however I still dont understand how a train goes under the sea?!?!
Immaculate detail and elegance everywhere you look in Paris
Add two letters to Paris, it's Paradise

My first thought on approaching the Tower, JAWDROPPINGLY BEAUTIFUL, my second thought, this is where Lady Di died, corruption


The people around me are amongst my favourite things to draw. Like it did with Giaccometti, it has recently dawned on me how the eyes are the only thing alive on the face. When i draw/paint a portrait the rest of the face becomes as lifeless as the space around it, but the eyes excite me!
experiment with styles