Monday, 15 June 2009


I love the KLF. They were an art collective that got together in 1987 (ish) and made an album called the White Room, which is in my opp one of the best dance music records ever. They became very quickly disillusioned with the music industry and never really wanted the commercial success they achieved. In the end they deleted all the master tapes of the album. They'd got loads of cash they'd made from the album and decided to set up the K Foundation with it, which was meant to fund art projects.The band wanted to take the million pounds they had left from album profits, nail it to a pallet and enter it for the turner prize, on the basis that the entry was worth significantly more than the first prize on offer. They were blocked from entering, so in the end took it in a bag up to one of the scottish islands (jura i think) and burnt it, filming the fire. Very cathartic I think!

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