Monday, 15 June 2009

Illustrate your life

I like to capture mundaine but priceless memories in a sketch, hoard everything, and collage collage collage.

The familiar 24 bus route, made entertaining by the boy sat behind me, talking to his imaginary friend, ''GET OFF YOU PEST''

Another bus journey, note to self never ever catch a 58 bus again ever! Iam abit of a birdwatcher, love stamps and childlike doodles!

staining pages, fine-liners and creative fonts!
instead of articulating what I write I sometimes like to let my thoughts run straight out of the end of my pencil crayon. enlarging patterns and sewing!
This headache generating machine sits outside the Pompidou Centre, Paris day in day out playing Beethovens Symphonies, her only dilema.. her violin has only 2 strings!
We had fun on the way to Paris, however I still dont understand how a train goes under the sea?!?!
Immaculate detail and elegance everywhere you look in Paris
Add two letters to Paris, it's Paradise

My first thought on approaching the Tower, JAWDROPPINGLY BEAUTIFUL, my second thought, this is where Lady Di died, corruption

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