Monday, 15 June 2009

Final Major Project

Here's a few images from my final major project from my Foundation course- which has been superrb!

I based my project on Existence. I wanted to illustrate the importance of existence by holding my own funeral. i chose this idea on the basis that i thought that the initial shock factor would provide a valuable platform for thought. and because i have often found the tradition of celebrating the lives of the dead strange, when i feel too often people loose touch with their existence in life! it also provided me with the oppotunity to delve into the fascinating topic of Religion!

I've created an installation of various pieces, here ive added just a few pages of my altered bible, the illustrations and collages represent the morals/stories/quotes/values I live by. They mainly focus on condeming aspects of Religion, Politics and other institutions within society, and promoting a more free think creative and self fulfilling existence.

sorry the scans are bad quality!

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