Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hillside Desolete

Today I was lured like a fish to bait to Tandle Hills where the sun was peeking through trees and making everything I could see for 24miles around BRIGHT green and Orange and Yellow! I followed a path of dancing tree roots to the most perfect spot I set up my mobile studio and began to paint the forms and colours that were in MY eyes and MY mind. Passers by chatted to me because contrary to the littered treasures this is not the ‘Beautiful South’ it is the friendly North. Luke Shaffi thought I had lost my marbles and perhaps I had, then Adam rang, he had come to find me he followed my tree root trail until X-Kiss-X marks the spot! I painted, he sat, my handsome man in shorts. He made my moment even more perfect by using his Scotsman instincts and maxi muscles to pull up a log for me to rest my peach. Then I sat surrounded by cowpat with my log on our log watching the big hard sun go down and It was 10/10 the sky was a faded pastel mist. and we questioned the 4th dimension, and morality and mirages and birds. Then aliens tried to talk to us again but we couldn’t read there Morse code of red and blue dots Then we left before the sun went down UNDER to Becky and the bears came out of the woods.

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