Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer has officially started!

First year is over and I can't believe how fast it has gone! I had my assesment just over a week ago and it went much better than I expected and I was over the moon to find out I got a First for my personal sketchbooks and my book project and a 2:1 overall!!
Here is a few spreads from my final project. I chose to illustrate an advertising campaign for the WWF, I wanted to create a zine for students with shocking quotes and facts about safeguarding the natural world.

Its feels great having nothing to do and I've spent lots of time relaxing in this glorious sunshine. It was my Birthday last Tuesday and I got spoilt rotten. Adam came down for the weekend and we searched the whole of Cornwall for the perfect guitar, I finally found her in Truro and she is a little beauty.

St Ive's was incredibly Sunny!

I love the twisty streets and crystal clear water

This is Trudie

We walked around a big lake

On my last teenage night I was swept away to Lands End by my loverly friends. It was incredible to look out to sea and think wow theres nothing but ocean till America! we set up camp as the sun was going down and went for a cheeky swim, we stayed up till 5am chatting around the camp fire and then went surfing the next day till tea time it was amazing.

We have been given an exciting Summer Project to produce a visual record of our Summer I have decided I don't want to do a straight forward personal sketchbook documenting what I get up to and instead I'm hoping to work on two seperate projects.

Firstly I want to fill a sketchbook with portraits of everyone I meet over the next few months and hopfully if i'm brave enough i'd like to go into Manchester city centre and hold up a sign saying 'Pretty Please can I draw you?' and fingers crossed i'll get some takers!

Secondly I'd like to write and illustrate my own book compiled of thoughts loosley based on Alice in Wonderland and my Nemesis Tom Adams.

so far i've written the preface and done a few collages and pencil drawings...

This picturebook was inspired by a moment of sheer wonderment...
After a night spent trawling through books in the library young Amy decided to retire to her bed. Upon leaving the library she came across a lonley trolley, on the side of which was a sign
'' Dispatched Books - help yourself ''.
Curiosity overcoming her fatigue, Amy approached the trolley and leafed through the old unwanted books. Only one title stood out to her: The Geology Handbook. Although the study of rocks was something that very mildly intruiged Amy, she thought instantly of her aquaintance Tom. Tom liked to think of himself as a real man of the world, he was a middle-class chap in his early 30's and a Professor of Geology at the local university.
Amy regarded Tom as being indifferent and antagonistic to her artistic and cultural values. Despite this they had so far managed to maintain a sometimes rocky relationship.
She contemplated taking the book home and giving it to Tom when they next met however upon realising the book was compiled of all words and no pictures she hastily put it down and left.
A number of days later the pair crossed paths and Amy told Tom about the banished orphan of a book that she had forsaken due to its lack of artfulness which left Tom Confounded.

Tom: But why did you discard it?
Amy: I'm sorry, but how can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures in it?
Tom: My dear child, there are a great many good books in this world without pictures.
Amy: In this world, perhaps, but in my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.
Tom: Your world? Huh! What nonsense.


  1. Neat campaign idea :D I'm enjoying those parrots a lot and the Tom portait haha

  2. My dear child, art is but a distraction from the natural sciences, a playground for the wanderings of an unfocussed mind. But enough of this, I must return to my books.