Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Moochin around Europe

A few photo's and sketchbook pages from the month in Summer I spent travelling around Europe with Adam. The journey was the destination.

This is the opening page to my sktchbook, I mapped out our route at work one day, on a piece of till roll. I worked full time for 2 months to raise the funds, daydreaming about the adventure kept me going.

' Imagine if Aruba was a city'', Danny Gee couldn't have been more wrong.

We stayed in a minature caravan beside a humongous lake, the place was run by hippies and it was the best played we stayed! full of Art and Culture

A huge storm broke out one night which cracked the caravan roof, gaffa tape solves all life's problems.
Sampling the delicacies

the locals are grumpy, their was too many tourists, the food was extortionate, the curreny was baffling, and Lennon wall has been destroyed BUT the architecture was remarkable.

Night train, chasing the moon across Czech, and watching the sun rise over Switzerland.
High in the Swiss Alps, my favourite day.

Over and under the mountains to Italy

Lake Garda, Italy. glorious sunsets, Pizza and fireworks made for an amazing night. Then to Milan, Venice and long journey to Rome.

A disasterous hunt for a hostel and foreign scramled egg. Happy Village campsite old people on ecstasy

A beach, a dip in the sea, French Bob Dylan and a balcony.

Lake Annecy,
Thomas' studio, The only place we didn't have a McDonalds and Operation Decoy

Je t'aime Paris.
Stolen purse in Barbes Rochdale , interesting Hostel, exploring Montmatre, free entry gallery's galore, sunset and lightining from the top of the tower, The most beautiful city in Europe.

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  1. I enjoy your sketches immensely!!! Beautiful, beautiful work.