Wednesday, 28 October 2009

One month in

It's exactly a month since I moved to Cornwall. So far I haven't produced much classwork that is worth posting. Its mainly been experiments, quick sketches, and roughs. However I feel like I have learnt so many tricks of the trade, my brain is fit to burst.

I have had a few Eureka moments with regards to my illustrated book project today. For the first three weeks I seem to have been accumulating measley glimmers of ideas which never materialised into anything, but after a trip to the library some reference books, a flick through Peter Blakes work and a rummage through a couple of Falmouth's junk shops ( always a reliable source of inspiration ) I finally have a vision.

Yesterday I had a personal sketchbook marathon, after feeling abit low all day something clicked and I hammered out 10 pages in one night, heres just a couple.

The portrait commisions are still coming in thick and fast, I have 7 requests at present, here;s one I completed and sent off yesterday.

Je viens de venir returner au deuxieme lecon du Francais avec Tom, c'etait tres interesant
( I have just returned from my second French lesson with Tom, it was very interesting
Quand je visite du Paris a Fevrier 2010 J'espere je parle beaucoup du Francais
( When I go to Paris in Febuary next year I hope that i will be able to speak a lot of French )

I have also realised I never uploaded any of the drawings I did whilst travelling Europe with Adam, I'll have to do that at some point.

My favourite piece of artwork I am working on at the moment is this...

It's a personal project...obviously. It's my boyfriend Adam in his grundeez.... let me explain... When we we're in the Renaisance area of La Musee D'orsay in Paris Adam pointed out that all the nude male figures look like the guys from the film '300'. In other words they were all meat-edds. So I decided to paint Adam in the same idealistic, slightly enhanced style but to add a contemporary touch I am painting him in a pair of Topman boxers.
I have been adding to the painting bit by bit in my spare time, but to avoid isolating myself in my room I decided it'd be a good idea to hang the painting in my flat kitchen! There I can paint and socialise at the same time. Consequently everyone in my flat, and the flat next door, and the cleaners, and the porters, and any other guests have all seen my boyfriend in his grundees hehe.

I am holding Adam responsible for my recent determination and drive. He came down last weekend and it was amazing, it's always better when we're together.


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