Saturday, 10 October 2009

HACS introductory excersise

History and Cultural studies has been kick started with a light hearted excersise based on 'Representation'.
We've been asked to produce 2 illustrations the first being an annotated self portrait which explains how and why your appearance is as it is.
And the second must show how you might like to be, given unlimited resources.

This is my attempt at the first, not annotated as of yet.

I'm starting to notice alot of the illustrators on my course are useing Photoshop to produce or even just enhance their drawings and I've decided to try and develop this method myself.

I am undecided on my second illustration at the moment. My imaginaton is running wild and I can't stick with one idea however I think I might quite like to be a grizzly bear, or an explorer of the world.

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