Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sexy Jesus

Here's an almost finished photograph of my first project for Fal, we were given a map of Fal with a certain place pinpointed. We were then sent off in pairs to find our place on the map and given 3 days to create an illustraion about that place.
I got the Church which I was delighted with! and my illustration has been christened by my class mates as 'Sexy Jesus'. Is it weird to be attracted to Jesus?
the C.S.Lewis quote at the bottom is unclear but says,
''In my view the essence of Religion is a search for an end higher than natural ends.''
I was reasonably happy with my piece, untill Friday. When we were all told to bring in our work and display it on the wall. It was then that I got my first glimpse of the talent knocking around on my course. Hopefully this will bring out the competetive streak in me and not crush all of my self-esteem. Bring on the next project!

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  1. I like your piece a lot. Wish I could paint like that! x